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Udacity Flying Car Nanodegree Program 2018

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Application Deadline: February 7th 2018

Applications are now open for the Flying Car Nanodegree program! Apply today to build the future of smart transportation, and take your innovations to the skies!

The most practical career move for today’s engineer is to work on the most wildly ambitious technologies in existence. This may seem like counterintuitive career advice, but lifelong learners at the cutting-edge are uniquely positioned to succeed in their careers, and to shape our future

Are you ready for a future in this transformational field? Apply by February 7, and take your place in the historic inaugural class. You can even earn a special “Early Adopter” first-term tuition offer! Read on for additional details about this program, and this special pricing opportunity.

Program Curriculum

Term 1: Aerial Robotics – You will learn the fundamental concepts required to design and develop robots that fly. You’ll work with the quadrotor test platform and our custom flight simulator to implement planning, control, and estimation solutions in Python and C++.

Term 2: Intelligent Air Systems – You will delve into the specifics of flying cars and coordinated autonomous systems. After an intro to fixed wing aircrafts, you will learn how to update and optimize vehicle parameters and routes over “flying car length” missions. From there, you’ll learn to coordinate entire fleets of flying cars as you leverage cutting-edge technologies, learn real-world systems and regulations, and complete projects culminating in an entire “flying city” finale.

Run Your Code in the Sky

The Flying Car Nanodegree Program will empower you to translate concepts from the classroom to simulation and, ultimately, to your own self-flying drones. Here are some key details and features:

Classroom Simulator: You will code in the classroom using Python + Jupyter and immediately see effects in the custom Unity-based simulator.

light-Ready Simulator: You will then translate this code into C++ and run it in a stripped-down but aerodynamically realistic simulator.

Hardware: For students with their own compatible drones, we will provide a list of compatible drone platforms and instructions to port code. Note that porting code is optional and not a requirement of the core curriculum.

How to Apply

We are now accepting applications to the Flying Car Nanodegree program here, and applications will remain open until February 7, 2018. The program is comprised of two terms of 12 weeks each. The tuition for each term is $1200, paid prior to the start of the term. Applicants to the first term will receive a submission response by February 13, 2018. The classroom is scheduled to open in late February.


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Udacity Flying Car Nanodegree Program 2018

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