Call for Applications

United Nations Association of Germany UN Youth Delegate Workshop 2016 – Bonn, Germany (Fully Funded)

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Application Deadline: August 15th 2016

The United Nations Association of Germany is holding a workshop on Establishing a UN Youth Delegate Programme in Countries of the Global South. They are looking for 6 to 8 applicants who are from countries of the global south who have an active UNA/UNYA but do not currently have UN Youth Delegate Programme and are interested in starting a UN Youth Delegate Programme in their respective countries.

The workshop participants will also be invited to join UNA Germany’s conference: It’s up to Youth held in Bonn from November 25-27, 2016.


  • All  travel, accommodation and meal costs will be covered.

The workshop’s goals are

  1. To provide information and guidance on how to establish a UN Youth Delegate Programme in your home country;
  2. To discuss how to involve young people from your home country in the international development policy and decision-making agenda;
  3. To establish a network of active young people in the Global South;
  4. To support youth participation and activities in your countries.
  5. This workshop will support young people to be agents of change. The goal is to empower them to be active global citizens contributing to building a world of justice, equity, and dignity.

Requirements for applicants are as follows:

  1. Between 18 and 25 years of age (in November 2016);
  2. Committed to youth participation;
  3. Interested in international affairs, particularly in youth issues;
  4. Passionate about solving the world’s most pressing problems and working to engage young people in this important agenda;
  5. Residents of a country in the Global South with an active UNA/UNYA*;
  6. Able to travel to Bonn, Germany, for up to a week in November 2016 (most likely November 22–29).
  7. 3 Skill and qualification requirements:
    Be a self-starter;
    Civil society engagement, preferably in the area of youth participation;
    Support from the UNA/UNYA in your home country*;
  8. Knowledge of current international affairs;
  9. Proven ability to work collaboratively with others, e.g. senior NGO or government representatives, young people, etc.
  10. Fluency in English;
  11. Excellent writing, communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills;
  12. Culturally competent.
  13. We strive for gender balance and strongly encourage applications from women.

Applications should include

  1. Personal/Contact Details:
    Your Last Name, First Name
    Contact address
    E-mail address
    Phone number
    Language skills
    Special Needs
  2.  Brief Statement on:
    Your educational qualifications/experiences;
    Your work experiences;
    Your volunteer experiences;
    Extra-curricular activities/hobbies.
  3. Letter of Motivation
  4. Brief Analysis (max. 2 pages): “Opportunities and Challenges of Establishing a Youth Delegate Programme in my Country”
  5. Letter of support from the UNA/UNYA in your country*

Application Procedure:

  • All information for the application must be compiled in ONE word document or PDF document and submitted by email to no later than 5pm CET on August 15, 2016 with a subject line of  Application UN Youth Delegate Workshop 2016.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the United Nations Association of Germany UN Youth Delegate Workshop 2016

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