Call for Applications

US – Russia Social Expertise Exchange Independent Professionals Project Initiative 2017

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Application Deadline: March 1, 2017 at 11:59PM EST.

Eurasia Foundation (EF) works to engage citizens and empower
communities to take responsibility for their own social and economic prosperity. Since 1992, EF has invested in the development of vibrant socially-oriented organizations and socially conscientious citizens throughout the former Soviet Union. Today, EF utilizes best practices in international engagement, institutional development, and cutting-edge online training tools to cultivate the next generation of social experts in the Middle East and North Africa, China, and the Eurasia region.
EF’s US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange (SEE) is a diverse network of social experts and entrepreneurs from Russia and the U.S. engaged in a meaningful exchange of
ideas and best practices to produce positive change in the lives of citizens in both countries.
To be considered eligible, candidates must :
  • Be a citizen of the Russian Federation or the United States
  • Have a proven academic and/or professional track-record in the thematic area/s of interest
  • Demonstrate a general professional proficiency in both the English and Russian languages
  • Develop a project that is not politically motivated and does not include political activity, focus on public policy reform, or the changing of public opinion
  • Be primarily affiliated with organizations and/or institutions that work on issues within EF priority areas
  • Have not previously participated as an SEE Invited Professional, Independent Professional, Special Exchange Participant or as an Emerging Professional or Advanced Practitioner Fellow
  • Be prepared to travel to the host country in early June–mid July, 2017.
Candidates will be evaluated based on:
  • Relevance of their project to a social issue in oneor more of SEE’s chosen nine thematic areas
  • The soundness of the proposed project design
  • Its potential for practical benefit in both the Russian Federation and the United States
  • Demonstration of collaboration across both countries
  • Preference will be given to proposals that also reflect the following:
  • Clear, attainable, and measurable project goals
  • Concrete deliverables to be attained as a result of project implementation
  • Extent and quality of engagement of project participants and beneficiaries
  • Number of people impacted by project during the project period (e.g. at least 100)
  • Realistic timeline and budget for accomplishing project activities
  • Clear approach to project monitoring and evaluation
  • Strategy for sustaining the project’s positive impact beyond the funding period

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the US – Russia Social Expertise Exchange Independent Professionals Project Initiative 2017

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