Wikimedia Foundation European Science Photo Competition 2015

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Application Deadline: November 30th 2015

This competition is brought to Wikipedia because Wikipedia is an active environment dedicated to collecting and sharing educational content freely to everyone. That makes it an excellent platform for presenting science photos.

Open access, interest in information of community and Wikipedia users, and general reliability are just some of the features of the free encyclopedia that make it an attractive environment for popularization of science in general and science photos in particular.

Wikipedia excels in communication of knowledge and science photos are appreciated for their high informational quality, which should make collaboration between wiki community and science photographers beneficial for both. Science photo competition is a motivational framework for catalyzing the formation of sustainable relationship between the two.

Between the years 2011–2013 the concept was successfully tested during the Estonian Science Photo Competition and now it seems to be the right time for widening the scope of the project and increasing its impact. Therefore, it has been decided that in 2015 a pan-European science photo competition will be organized to bring more science to Wikipedia. An international competition makes it possible to reach out to the wider scientific community and make them aware of the possibility to share their findings and passion with wider audiences using visual communication and free environment of Wikimedia.



  • European Science Photo Competition 2015 will be held in November. Only the images that are uploaded during that month will count, except when the local competition is held in a different time-frame.
  • For the photo to be considered scientific, it needs to have a good concrete description. Every photo must have a description at least in English. Give information about what is on the image, how and where it was made, what is important to notice.
  • Everyone except jury members are allowed to add images. Number of images per participant is not limited.
  • Uploader must be the author of the photo. You can only participate with your own images or with images of which you are one of the authors. In the latter case, all the co-authors’ names have to be provided.
  • Images have to be published under free use license. Licenses offered in upload page are CC-BY-SA 4.0, CC-BY 4.0 and CC0 1.0.
  • As this is a photo competition, we expect the images to be of good quality and size. Minimum size per image file is at least 2 Mpx, if possible by imaging technology used. The bigger, the better. If images are too small, then one solution could be to present them as a compilation in one file



  • Winners will be selected on both regional and European level. There will be several special prizes in various competition categories to draw attention to wider spectrum of scientific research and to encourage addition of diverse content to Wikipedia.
  • Prizes themselves will be specified after the talks with sponsors.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the European Science Photo Competition 2015

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