Winston Churchil Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship 2017 for British Citizens.

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Application Deadline: 20th September 2016
The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust sees enterprise as a positive force in society that creates employment and enables financial stability and social good.

Enterprise increases the opportunity for organisations to improve their double bottom line, an important development in relation to measuring financial performance alongside social impact.

In 2017, WCMT will be investing around £1.3 million in British citizens, by awarding 150 Travelling Fellowships. WCMT send people from all walks of life and every corner of the UK, on an overseas travel sabbatical.
Would you or someone you know benefit from this experience?
The Trust awards travel grants to men and women who will be able to undertake research overseas and on their return to the UK disseminate their new knowledge and examples of best practice.

Applicants must demonstrate that their project will have a wider benefit within their community or field, in addition to their own personal development.

WCMT welcome applications in our new Enterprise category from:

  • those working within organisations with a social purpose
  • those working in charities
  • commercial organisations embedding social good across their working practices
  • individuals with a passion to find positive social solutions
  • policy makers / enablers from institutions that have a macro influence
This category is in partnership with The Rank Foundation.

Have you thought of applying for a Churchill Travelling Fellowship?

  • You must be over 18, and a British Citizen under the 1981 Nationality Act, who must also be resident in the UK.
  • No qualifications are required.


  • Your grant will cover return and internal travelling, daily living and insurance within the countries visited.
  • Each individual grant is calculated on the project, destination(s) to be visited and the duration of the Fellowship, which is approximately 6 weeks.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Winston Churchil Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship 2017 for British Citizens.

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