Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship 2016

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Application Deadline: 5pm on 20th September 2016.


The experience of a Travelling Fellowship gives you:

  • new or enhanced knowledge and greater credibility
  • a new vision of life and/or work through the experience
  • new perspectives on best practice and innovative solutions to known issues or problems
  • a greater belief in your own abilities to achieve
  • renewed enthusiasm
  • enhanced communication skills
  • a network of individuals working in the same field

Eligibility Requirements:

You must be:

  • a British Citizen and have a British passport when you apply
  • resident in the UK
  • 18 years old or over when you apply – or turn 18 by the end of the year

We only accept one application per individual each year. Churchill Fellows cannot reapply.

Other circumstances

If you hold an Irish passport and you were born and are resident in Northern Ireland, you can apply.

If you are resident in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man you can apply.

If you reside in British Overseas Territories or serve abroad in the Armed Forces or as diplomat you can also apply.

If you are Australian or New Zealander, you might be able to apply to the Australian Trust or the New Zealand Trust.

Project guidance

Your project must require you to travel overseas (for 4-8 weeks), but you must also clearly explain why you need to travel and cannot carry out the project from the UK.

Most Fellows visit more than one country, which we encourage, but we prefer continents to be limited to a maximum of two.

The key for a Churchill Fellowship is that there is clear benefit back to the UK. If your project is solely about your own development or the benefits are primarily overseas, you are very unlikely to be successful.


The benefits will reach those in your community, profession and beyond. You will:

  • be more effective at work, having been reinvigorated by your Fellowship
  • return with new knowledge and ideas to share with your organisation or employer
  • inspire others to achieve more by acting as a role model
  • train others and enable them to develop further through your personal example

As an employer, how would you benefit from your employee undertaking a Travelling Fellowship?

  • Your employee will return with new knowledge and professional networks to strengthen the organisation.
  • Your employee will be more effective at work, having been refreshed and reinvigorated by their Fellowship experience.
  • They will be a more skilled and confident member of staff.
  • They should have acquired new perspectives in best practice and innovative solutions to known issues or problems.
  • The organisation will feel more confident about implementing or translating best practice seen at first hand by their employees.
  • A Travelling Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for an employee to be funded to undertake research to support a specific need.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship 2016

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