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6th International Neighbourhood Symposium, Yeşilköy, Turkey (22–26 June 2016)

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  • Theme:  “Societal Transformations in the Eastern Neighbourhood and the Mediterranean South” Yeşilköy, Turkey
  • 22–26 June 2016
The Center for International and European Studies (CIES) at Kadir Has University will host the 6th International Neighbourhood Symposium (INS) in Yeşilköy between Wednesday, 22 June and Sunday, 26 June 2015. This year’s Symposium will focus on “Societal Transformations in the Eastern Neighbourhood and the Mediterranean South”.
Yeşilköy is a quiet and secure neighbourhood along the Marmara Sea near the Istanbul
Ataturk International Airport, far from the bustle of the city center.
The setting:
The INS focuses principally on the Eastern Neighbourhood and the Mediterranean South, two regions that are shared neighborhoods of the European Union, its member states, the Russian Federation, and Turkey. While each region is distinct with its own historical, political, social, cultural and economic features; their contiguity implies a number of synergies on different sectoral concerns such as systemic dynamics given the concentration of great and 2nd tier powers with a stake in the two regions.
Target audience:
  • The International Neighbourhood Symposium aims to promote further understanding and cooperation in the Eastern Neighbourhood and the Mediterranean South and beyond by providing a forum for study, dialogue and networking in a multicultural and interdisciplinary environment.
  • Young professionals and graduate students primarily from the countries of the Eastern Neighbourhood, the Mediterranean South, Central Asia, EU member states, and the United States are the Symposium target group. In addition, applicants from the fields of public policy, politics, journalism, and business are especially encouraged to apply.
  • The target age group is 22- 35 years of age (those born between 1980 and 1993).

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the International Neighbourhood Symposium 2016

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