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AGORA: European Women’s Lobby (EWL) Feminist Summer School 2017 – Brussel, Belgium.

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Application Deadline: 9 May 2017 at midnight.

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) is the largest umbrella organisation of women’s associations in the European Union, gathering over 2000 women’s associations. The EWL has members in all 28 EU Member States and three of the candidate countries. The EWL campaigns for a feminist Europe which promotes women’s rights and equality
between women and men in the European Union.

EWL are looking for candidates to participate in AGORA, EWL’s Feminist Summer School, taking place in Brussels from 7 to 11 September 2017. AGORA brings together young feminists from across Europe to empower them to act and lead in a changing world. Through a 5-day participatory summer school, we create a space where young self identified women (18-30) will have a chance to reflect, exchange ideas and support each other to become confident feminist leaders and activists.


The EWL has witnessed a new generation of young feminists rising up, innovating and rebooting the fight for equality. A lot of new organisations, initiatives, and campaigns have been flourishing throughout Europe. A 4th wave of feminism on its way! We see many opportunities to strengthen the connection between these activists across Europe and with EWL itself. Through our feminist summer school, we aim to:
– Reconnect and reinforce young European women’s activism
– Set up a creative space for young feminist change agents
– Explore the concept of feminist leadership
– Build solidarity and empower young feminist activists and work together across borders to make feminism more inclusive and amplify the voices of feminist networks in Europe
– Enable the EWL to know more about the interests and needs of young feminists and bring these more into the centre of EWL’s future strategy and actions.

During 5 days, the EWL will set up an inclusive space to exchange, to inspire and to reinforce skills through workshops, skills-sharing and expertise, facilitated by EWL and partners. Please note that this is an action focused and highly participatory event – and not an academic summer school! Although every effort is made to ensure this is a safe and supportive space, it is also not intended as a therapeutic space.
The programme uses innovative participatory methodologies and will be guided by experienced

Is Agora for you?
● Are you interested in strengthening your knowledge and skills to advocate for women’s rights and gender equality?
● Are you keen to find out what young feminists are doing against inequality across Europe – and how you can work together?
● Are you keen to engage in highly participatory learning processes and willing to learn more about yourself, your talents and your work in this world?
● Do you want to be part of shaping future feminist strategies and campaigns in Europe?


Are you a feminist woman (self-defined) between 18 and 30 years old?
✓ Do you have experience in activism related to gender equality/women’s rights?
✓ Do you live in the European Union or EU Candidate countries?
✓ Do you have a good level of English?

Application :

You can apply using our online application form:
Deadline for applications: 9 May 2017 at midnight.


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the AGORA: EWL Feminist Summer School 2017

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