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Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program

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Amazon’s new “Delivery Service Partners” and their staff members won’t be employed by the tech company. The initial $10,000 costs will go to helping them start an independent business that has to begin with at least five delivery vans and ramp up to 20 vans over an undisclosed period of time.

If you’re a customer-obsessed people person who loves coaching teams in a high speed, ever-changing environment, becoming an Amazon Delivery Service Partner is an ideal opportunity for you. As an owner, you will operate with 20-40 vans and have 40-100 employees. You’ll be fully responsible for hiring and developing a team of high-performing, hardworking drivers, while we take care of getting you set up and ready to operate out of an Amazon delivery station in your city. You’ll be expected to provide consistent coaching and support for your team to ensure the successful delivery of packages in a 7 days/week, 365 days/year operation.

Great team leaders make great DSPs

The hardest part of being a successful owner is hiring, training, and managing a high-performing team. Owning a package delivery business takes strong leadership along with a lot of grit and hard work as you lead your team to deliver thousands of packages to happy customers every day. If that’s your expertise, bring your leadership skills, and we will provide you with all of the technology and operational support you’ll need.


  • Experience hiring and developing great teams
  • Ready to commit to being a hands on DSP owner full-time
  • Available liquid assets of at least $30,000
  • Strong credit history
  • Previous business ownership preferred, but not required
The steps you’ll take to launch your business
  • Submit basic information and learn more about becoming a DSP
  • Fill out a full application
  • Decide whether this is the right opportunity for you
  • Complete 3 weeks of hands-on training
  • Set up your business and build a team
  • Start delivering

    What you do

  • Set up your business
  • Use our suite of exclusive deals to acquire the assets you need to start your business, and work with our network of top-in-class service providers to keep your business rolling.
  • Build your team
  • You’re a coach. This is your team. As you set up your business, the most important step you’ll take is recruiting and retaining solid drivers that will enable the ongoing success of your operation.
Deliver packages
  • Your team of drivers will deliver between 20-40 routes per day. Serving thousands of customers daily isn’t easy, but the smiles are incredibly rewarding.
  • Create your team culture
  • Your can-do attitude ensures your business reflects Amazon’s high standards and customer-obsessed culture. Motivate your team to exceed expectations on every delivery through coaching and development.
  • Grow your business
  • Deliver a great customer experience to gain more opportunities to hire more people, and deliver additional packages to further grow your business.

What Amazon does

  • Get you started
  • Our exclusive deals on Amazon-branded vans, comprehensive insurance, industrial-grade handheld devices, and other services help you get your delivery business up and running.
  • Provide training
  • Amazon provide three weeks of hands-on training to ensure you’re set up for success, starting with a one-week introduction to Amazon in Seattle, followed by two weeks in the field working alongside the community of existing owners and drivers to learn the tips and tricks of operating a successful delivery business from those who know it best.
  • Give you a comprehensive toolkit
  • Amzazon give you all the tools and technology you’ll need to run your business, including daily processes designed to keep your operation running smoothly.
  • Offer on-demand support
  • Owners receive ongoing support from Amazon, which includes a comprehensive operations manual, driver assistance for on-road issues, and a dedicated account manager.
  • Share our experience
  • Amazon shares more than 20 years of technological and logistics experience to guide you in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program

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