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Amazon Summer School 2016 in Brazil

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When: July 12th to August 1st 2016

The Amazon Summer school is an intensive immersion course where participants will learn from experienced practitioners, the local community, the forest and each other in order to inspire positive action. Through a collective learning process, the group will build their experience together based on shared purpose, work and values.

The program is sustainability focused and aimed at multitalented participants who share a passion for sustainability and engagement and want to become part of a global community of thinkers and practitioners in this field.

The program will use a conceptual framework for sustainable development, an overview of relevant history, and application to current issues in order to understand global challenges and the inherent complexity of the system.

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We will let you know when to apply and invite you to hangouts where we will explain more about the program.


The official language is English. We will have bilingual participants to help the communication with members of the communities.


Most of the program will happen in the community of Tumbira (one of the communities of the Rio Negro Reserve). The community can only be accessed by boat from Manaus and the trip takes 4 hours on a big boat (and 1h30 on a smaller boat).


The first two days the group will be staying in a hotel with shared rooms in Manaus, and then travel to the community, where the group will have the chance to live a real Amazon experience, sleeping in hammocks on shared rooms, and waking up with the most beautiful sunrise over the river everyday. We can arrange accommodation in beds for special needs.  


We believe that a diverse and multitalented group is extremely important for the learning process. In that sense, we will select a mix of participants that will enhance the development of the group as a whole.  

1st STEP: Application 

2nd STEP: Skype interview

3rd STEP: Application analysis

4th STEP: Announcement of selected

Applications go until March 1st. 

Early bird Fee (10% discount) – until Febuary 1st  2016

*  limited spots.

USD 3,500.00

Includes full lodging and local expenses.

What it doesn’t include: transportation (from your home until Manaus and back), visas and mandatory health insurance

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Amazon Summer School 2016 in Brazil

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