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Ashoka Changemakers Children’s Wellbeing Initiative 2016

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Ashoka Changemakers and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have launched an initiative to promote children’s wellbeing in the United States.

The Children’s Wellbeing Initiative is focused on securing wellbeing for every child in the United States, from infancy to 12 years. We’re interested in supporting caregivers, fostering changemaking, and breaking cycles of trauma and invalidation. Kids need to feel valued by the individuals and systems that affect them—no matter their race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or ability.


  • All organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, in the United States are eligible to submit.
  • This challenge is focused on projects that are piloting or have already piloted their models and that have documented evidence of impact.
  • Eligible projects may address the stages of pregnancy through children of age 12.
  • Ashoka Fellows are not eligible to submit.


There, Ashoka and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will also recognize 10 Champions of Children’s Wellbeing as the most compelling representatives and storytellers from the network. Champions will tap a funding pool of $48,000 and showcase their initiatives as we work to drive a broader, cultural mindset shift.

Ashoka will select 10 Champions of Children’s Wellbeing who will:

  • shape the agenda of the first Children’s Wellbeing Congress being held in late 2016, which will bring together key funders and pioneering thinkers and do-ers in education, government, and childhood development;
  • represent the unified vision of the Children’s Wellbeing Initiative;
  • receive a travel and expense stipend so they can showcase their work during the Children’s Wellbeing Congress;
  • be offered mentorship from experts in the Ashoka or the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation networks; and
  • be awarded funds from a pool of $48,000.

Example Projects

  • Developing new approaches for children to cultivate meaning and purpose. Strategies may include building space for collective, community healing and open discussion among families, peers, and the child them self to explore identity, trauma, and privilege
  • Creating support systems for parents, educators, and caregivers, such as peer support groups and workshops, that strengthen their ability to engage in inner development that improves their ability to foster children’s emotional wellbeing.
  • Transforming the foster care system to break cycles of trauma and cultural invalidation and work with community members to ensure stable, nurturing environments, secure attachments between caregivers and children, and children’s mental wellbeing
  • Reversing a stereotypical narrative of immigrants by creating new channels for parents to advocate for their children, placing families in positions of leadership, and highlighting their stories in media

For More Infrmation:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Ashoka Changemakers Children’s Wellbeing Initiative

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