Asia -Euro Policy Dialogue Fellowship Program 2017

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Application Deadline: August 31st 2017

The AEPD Fellowship Program is purported to promote intellectual exchanges among ASEAN, Europe and Japan, and also to provide opportunities for building and strengthening a wide range of communications among those regions. The Fellowship Program is presented to all motivated researchers and policy makers, and AEPD has now started accepting the application for 2017 Fellowship Program.

According to the plan for this fiscal year, four (4) fellows (i.e., two fellows from ASEAN, one fellow from Europe and one fellow from Japan) are to be selected, and they are expected to complete their research objectives by means of visiting and staying at two non-home regions for one month each.

Grant Coverage
The grant for the duration of the Fellowship Period will be provided to the fellow by the respective core institution as follows, subject to the condition that the grant shall be provided to the fellow in accordance with the rules and regulations of the fellow’s home core institution.
 Airfare Circle
  • trip airfare, economy-class for the shortest direct route (or an indirect route if a direct route is unavailable) from the airport nearest to the fellow’s residence to the same origination airport with two stopovers in the Fellowship activity areas, will be provided.

a. The fellow must agree to the condition that the flight routes and grades be chosen in an economical and reasonable manner.

b. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, three core institutions may not disburse nor reimburse to the fellow the entire requested amount if the fellow’s home core institution
judges that the airline ticket the fellow purchased is not appropriate based on this generalrule.
  • The basic rule is that a stipend of JPY 390,000 per month for a stay in Tokyo, JPY 600,000 per month for a stay in Jakarta, or JPY 810,000 per month for a stay in Paris will be provided in a lump sum for accommodation, meal, commutation , oversea travelers’ insurance(*) and other sundry expenses and that the stipend shall be adjusted on a prorated basis in case the fellow’s staying in one region, i.e., ASEAN, Europe or Japan, should be shorter than thirty (30) days. However, each core institution may not be prevented from disbursing to their fellow such other payment amount as derived from the prorated calculation based on the fellow’s specific research schedule.


Fellowship Program Application Instructions (PDF format)
Terms and Conditions (PDF format)
■Required Materials for Application

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