Canon Foundation Fellowships in Europe

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Application Deadline:  September 15.

Annually, the Canon Foundation in Europe grants up to 15 fully funded Fellowships to highly qualified European and Japanese researchers. European Fellows should pursue a period of research in Japan whereas Japanese Fellows should do their research in Europe.

Canon Foundation Fellowships are fully funded for a minimum period of three months up to a maximum of one year. Further, the Canon foundation supports all fields of research. There are no limitations or restrictions. Applicants do not have to be currently enrolled or employed at the time of applying. Members of commercial, industrial, governmental or professional organizations may also submit the applications.

Application procedure for Fellowships

It is important to note that the foundation doesn’t enter any correspondence takes a decision on any individual application in view of a large number of applicants. Further, applicants should draw no negative inference from the failure of a candidate to secure a Fellowship.

The Canon Foundation gives priority for its fully funded fellowships to those who plan to travel to Europe or Japan rather than prolong a current stay.

Applications should be made through the online application form.

  • Your research plan including an estimate of total costs(maximum 1 A4 sheet-2 sides)*
  • a confirmation from your host institute assuring the provision of a research or work facilities for your research
  • 2 reference letters from 2 persons who are in a position to comment on your academic or professional qualifications and on your previous work. The 2 referees can be different from the ones on your CV.
  • Your Curriculum Vitae*
  • Your highest academic degree or professional qualification obtained*
  • 1 passport size photograph of yourself*
  • A list of your academic publications or professional achievements in chronological order containing information on all authors, place and year of publication and page references.

For more information:

Visit the official web page of Canon foundation in Europe

Abiola is one of the team members at opportunitydiary.com

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