CFA Institute Professor Scholarship 2018

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This scholarship is for university and college professors of finance, economics, business, and those professors teaching topics found in the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge.


For full-time college/university professors or administrators/depart ment heads who teach a minimum number of credit hours at qualified institutions

How to Apply

  • Complete the professor scholarship application. Prepare the rest of your application materials before you submit.
  • Obtain an English language letter, on university letterhead signed by an administrator (such as Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, President, Vice President, Principal, Dean, Provost, or Rector) at your institution attesting that you are a full-time professor at the university/college and confirming the number of credit hours taught per quarter or semester. You will submit this with your online application.
  • Submit a current curriculum vitae (CV) when you submit your online application.
    • Copy (front and back) of a university-issued identification card
    • A university affiliated email address for all communications
    • Copy of a teaching license from the issuing government agency
    • A current list of publications, research papers, or other information that confirms university affiliation or faculty relationship
    • Submit the online application and your materials
    • Submit your completed online application, English language letter, curriculum vitae (CV), and employment verification.

Evaluation Criteria

Applicants must teach at a school that is recognized as an educational institution by state or federal agencies and grant academic degrees or the equivalent, and be either

  • a full-time professor teaching a minimum of six credit hours per quarter or semester (or equivalent) at one college or university, or
  • an administrator/department head teaching a minimum of three hours per quarter or semester (or equivalent) at one college or university.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the CFA Institute Professor Scholarship 2018

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