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Climate Justice Resilience Fund 2018


Application Deadline-

The Climate Justice Resilience Fund is a grantmaking initiative dedicated to helping women, youth, and indigenous peoples create and share their own solutions for resilience. They believe that lasting climate resilience must start with those communities first hit by climate change. They help communities reduce risks, manage shocks, rebound, and continue charting a path to sustainable development.

The Climate Justice Resilience Fund was created in 2016 through a grant from the Oak Foundation. It is a project of New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity registered in the United States. In 2017, the Kendeda Fund became CJRF’s second member foundation.  They welcome funding partners who share their commitment to addressing climate change by giving voice and power to women, youth, and indigenous communities.


1. Operations:

Organizations that are more likely to be considered for a grant…

  • Are registered with the local or national government as a nonprofit organization
  • Have an annual budget greater than $500,000 USD.
  • Have already secured, or are in the process of securing some level of co-funding.
  • Have a paid staff and/or Board that includes youth, women, or indigenous people.

2. Fit:

Organizations that are more likely to be considered for a grant…

  • Have a track record of working with or regranting to grassroots organizations.
  • Have local voices informing their strategy and vision.
  • Focus on issue areas that overlap with CJRF project entry points.
  • Fit within the CJRF pillars of work.
  • Can demonstrate a vision for scaling their impact beyond their organization’s direct beneficiaries.

3. Geography:

Organizations that are more likely to be considered for a grant…

  • Operate in one or more of CJRF’s priority geographies: Alaska, northern Canada, Kenya, Tanzania, Bangladesh, and the Indian states of West Bengal and Orissa.


  • Promote knowledge exchange and capacity building across the CJRF regions.
  • Advocate for global climate finance policies and programs that benefit women, youth, or indigenous peoples, with emphasis on adaptation.


As a new funder, the CJRF does not yet have an average grant size. The CJRF grantmaking strategic framework prioritizes multi-year grants and grants larger than $100,000. However, we will consider grant requests each on their own merits, and encourage applicants to request funds appropriate to their proposed activities and organizational capacities.

How to apply?

Letters of inquiry may be submitted to applications@cjrfund.org

For more Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Climate Justice Resilience Fund 2018

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