CREA European SUMMER ACADEMIES & Business Contest 2016 (Creativity & ICT for new entrepreneurship)

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Application Deadline: 17th of May 2016.

CREA is a network of European Summer Academies focusing on Entrepreneurship driven by ICT and Creativity. The Academic and business prospective converge in CREA through a partnership among European Universities, Incubators, Regional Development Agencies and Business Support initiatives. This union makes the CREA Network something unique in its kind and gives you the opportunity, as a Summer Academy student, to benefit from knowledge and experience gathered from all over Europe.
At the CREA Summer Academies and Business Contest, you will be part of a (early stage) start-up team and work on your business idea, combining knowledge and experience from creativity, business theory and technology. Join us in Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Estonia, Greece, the Netherlands or the UK this summer for your first start-up adventure!
  • All academies are free of charge thanks to the support of European Commission.
  • Do you have a creative, design, ICT, technology, business, management or entrepreneurship background and would you like to join us for this intensive two-week course in summer 2016?
  • Are you interested in having chance to participate in the international CREA Business Idea Contest in the Fall of 2016?
Summer academy
During the summer academy students get an insight of what is needed to be an entrepreneur and to found a start-up. At the end of the two weeks program, a qualified jury selects the two best business ideas emerging from each national summer academy that will participate to the CREA
International Business Idea Contest.
Mentoring and prototyping In the following months teams keep developing their ideas receiving support through online mentoring. With the help of our experienced coaches, they prepare for the final pitches at the
CREA Business Contest.
CREA International Business Idea Contest Finally the best ideas selected from the Summer Academy will participate to the CREA International Business Idea Contest and pitch their project in front of investors. Winning participants have the chance to be introduced to incubators all over Europe.
  • CREA offers seven Summer Academies at leading Universities across Europe.
  • Their shared goal is to support fresh new venture ideas that combine entrepreneurship with ICT and creativity as the drivers for innovation. Furthermore, each Summer Academy offers a specific area of expertise, which enables students to select the course that suits their idea best
Design driven innovation for new entrepreneurship How to start from users needs to build innovative
The Lean Startup Curriculum for Tech Ventures
Green future Turn your idea into a real start-up.
Exploring Design-Led Innovation Practices:intensive, hands-on learning of entrepreneuship skills based on personal invention or collaborative social innovation
How to become a start-up in the Creative (Tech) Industries!
Creativity to get more sales
Technology inspired ventures in the creative and cultural industries
  • Students enrolled in a European University (till one year after degree).
  • Non-EU students enrolled in European Universities are also welcome
You can apply for one of the CREA Summer Academies here. The steps you will follow are:
1. Choose your Summer Academy by selecting the topic that better suits you here All participating universities offer a program that is based on the same didactic principles and shared approach, but differs in main themes and specific expertise available. You can apply only for one Summer Academy!
2. Fill in the Questionnaire on, Europe leading platform for entrepreneurs,
investors and accelerators by the 17th of May 2016. You will be asked to give details on your educational background and motivation for the course. You can apply either individually or with a team.
a) If you apply individually, you can either apply with an idea, or be prepared to join another group of students during the Summer course (NB If you PhD Candidates enrolled in a European University, Post Doc working in a European University)
How to Apply:
  • CREA offers seven Summer Academies at leading Euopean Univerisities in UK, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Estonia, the Netherlands and Germany.
  • Here you will learn about entrepreneurship while concretely developing your business idea.
  • All academies are free of charge thanks to the support of European Commission.
  • Students only need to pay their travel and accommodation costs.
  • To apply, fill in the CREA application form by the 17th May 2016.
  • Click the button “Apply” and fill the form on F6S platform Tutorial video for application:

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the CREA European SUMMER ACADEMIES & Business Contest 2016

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