German Institute for International and security Affairs Internships 2017 (€300 per month Stipend)

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Application Deadline: June 30th 2017

SWP offers a limited number of three-month full-time internships for highly motivated students. We are particularly interested in attracting young academics in political science and related social sciences (economics, law, administration, occasionally also regional studies, ethnology, or journalism).

Interns are based at the offices in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

If you are interested in an internship at the Brussels office, please apply directly.

We accept students at the following stages:

  • Students already studying for a master’s degree (also Hauptstudium in the German Magister/Staatsexamen/Diplom system).
  • Holders of bachelor’s degrees who can demonstrate they are applying for a place on a master’s degree course and who expect to be regular master’s students at the time proposed for the internship.
  • Holders of bachelor’s/master’s degrees who are enrolled on an additional bachelor’s or master’s degree course.

The work undertaken by our interns includes:

  • Assisting with all tasks within the research division, especially research projects, and producing documentation and background reports for research division members,
  • Preparing reports of conferences and meetings,
  • Literature research,
  • Editing academic texts, researching and evaluating materials, helping to prepare meetings and conferences,
  • General administrative tasks.

For an internship you should have at least the following qualifications:

  • Very good knowledge of English (written and spoken),
  • Good end-user IT skills (Word, Excel, web browsers),
  • Your own ideas about what you wish to achieve during the internship,
  • Interest in policy consultation and communication,
  • Commitment, ambition, teamwork and social skills.

Documents required to apply for an internship

Please send your application for an internship to Human Resources at SWP. We can only accept complete applications with the application form and all required documents. The application form requires the following information:

  • Type of internship:
    • Mandatory: Required component of a course of study or training at a state-recognised institution.
    • Voluntary: Up to three months for persons in vocational training or university education. You are not eligible if you have already done an internship of this type at a German federal government agency.
  • Preferred three-month period. You may also indicate several periods, but please note the relevant application deadlines.
  • Research division – please name only one.
  • Preferred topic and/or researcher (for profiles see researchers)

To download the application form click here:


Your application must also include the following documents:

  • Motivational letter (maximum one page),
  • C.V.,
  • For a mandatory internship: confirmation that the internship is a formal requirement, including required duration (copy of relevant passage from degree regulations or letter from university),
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate (or evidence of completion of Grundstudium for Magister/Diplom/Staatsexamen students),
  • Interim and leaving certificates,
  • References, work references (if available) (copies),
  • Valid confirmation of student status (copy) or university confirmation of application for a place on a master’s degree course (original, must include expected enrolment date),
  • Residence permit (non-EU/EEA applicants, copy),
  • If a public or private body has awarded funding for your internship, please supply documentation (including amount).


Interns at SWP receive €300 per month. Exceptions are only possible where the internship is already funded by another public or private organisation.

Our deadlines for applications

  • 30 June 2017 (for an internship starting no earlier than September 2017)
  • 30 September 2017 (for an internship starting no earlier than December 2017)

Please e-mail your application form and all required documents to

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the German Institute for International and security Affairs Internships 2017

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