MedStar #Patient2Consumer Challenge 2017

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Application Deadline: May 29th 2017

In the near future, the hospital — as we know it today — may no longer exist.

While the anchor of the U.S. healthcare system remains the big box hospital, more and more care is transitioning away from the in-hospital setting into convenient access points like urgent care sites, ambulatory complexes and surgery centers, home care, virtual visits, and other remote care options enabled by technology. And, hospital systems need to be prepared to accommodate this new trend.

Together, MedStar and 1776 are planning for this reality by launching the MedStar #Patient2Consumer Challenge to activate the startup community and identify innovations that can help transform MedStar’s approach. The program will recruit the best ideas — going beyond smartphone applications and patient portals — that will shape the future of health.

The MedStar #Patient2Consumer Challenge will take place in Washington, D.C. in July 2017.

The winning startups will receive prizes and the opportunity to incubate their idea in MedStar’s Innovation Lab cohort.


MedStars are looking for startups working on solutions and technologies in the following areas:

Experience: startups that can increase engagement and satisfaction with the healthcare system and empower people to take an active role in their own health.

Emerging Technologies: startups using emerging technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, Robotics, Internet of Things, and Blockchain to play a major role in improving delivery, providing care, supporting custom-tailored treatments, or using data in new ways.

Connectedness: innovations that make coordination of care outside the hospital more efficient; bridge connections among different sites of care, pharmacies and physicians; or optimize transportation and resources.

Money: startups working in the billing and consumer cost spaces that can create a more transparent system, generate incentives and encourage a smooth continuum of care — all while reducing out-of-pocket costs to consumers.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the MedStar #Patient2Consumer Challenge

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