NATO Internship Programme 2018 at NATO Headquarters

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Do you study Political Science, International Relations, Defence studies or Security studies?

Are you an interdisciplinary candidate with qualifications in Economics, Finance, or Human Resources?

Have you studied Information Technology, Web or Graphic design, Library Sciences or Translation?

Do you study Aeronautics or Engineering?

Do you have a background in Media or Journalism?

Do you speak Russian, Ukrainian or Arabic?

Are you able to conduct independent research and analysis?

The NATO Internship Programme has four main objectives:

  • To provide the Organisation with access to the latest theoretical and technical knowledge that the intern can apply through practical work assignments, as well as with additional staff resources.
  • To provide interns with an opportunity to learn from the NATO community and get a better understanding and a more balanced view of the Organisation.
  • To contribute to creating a more diverse workforce.
  • To expand understanding of NATO in Alliance countries.

Eligibility Requirements:

In order to apply for an internship at NATO, you must fulfil all criteria outlined below on the application date:

  • Age: you will be over 21 years of age
  • Nationality: you will be a citizen of a NATO Member State.
  • Educational status:
    • you will be a university student: you have completed at least two years successfully and are enrolled in your third year or
    • you will have obtained your highest degree less than a year ago
  • Languages: you will have proficiency in one of the two official NATO languages (English and French), and a working knowledge of the other will be considered as an asset. Knowledge of other languages will be an advantage as specified in the internship description.


    1. NATO-funded Programme: open once a year to all eligible candidates.
    2. GRANT-funded Programme: open all throughout the year to candidates who are awarded a scholarship by their university or a governmental institution.

Unique experience: A once in a lifetime opportunity to learn during 6 months from the NATO community and gain valuable work experience together with a better understanding of the Alliance.

Benefits package:

    1. Internship stipend: If you are selected through the NATO-funded programme, you will receive a monthly stipend of 1,049.65€ (based on 2018).
    2. Travel: Upon the confirmation of the start date of internship by the Internship Office, we will provide you with a prepaid flight/train ticket (based on a return economy ticket and for an amount of up to 1,200€). If you travel by car, we will be reimburse you travel costs as well.
    3. Leave: You will be entitled to have 15 days of leave for the full period of 6 months.

How to Apply:

Please use the e-recruitment system to submit your application. We cannot accept any spontaneous applications or applications sent per mail/email.

If you wish to apply for the NATO-funded internship, you have to submit your application during the opening of the call. For the GRANT-funded internship, you can apply throughout the year.

Please do not wait for the last day to apply! Any request for support (including technical support) might take up to 3 working days to be addressed, so if you contact us the last days, we cannot guarantee that the needed support can be provided to you.

You do not have to fill in the entire form in a single session. You can save your information as a draft and log in later to amend it, and/or finalize the form.

Please provide as many details relevant to the internship position you are applying for as possible. This will help us to assess your candidature.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the NATO Internship Programme 2018

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