Call for Applications

Oracy Leaders Programme

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Application Deadline: Monday 20th May at 9am.

To ensure that every child, regardless of background, is able to find their voice for success in school and life, it is our ambition that every school should have an Oracy Leader and that all teachers should have access to high-quality oracy professional development.

As an Oracy Leader you will: 

  • Engage critically with the researchsurrounding good practice in oracy, applying this in your own setting to support the learning outcomes of your students.
  • Evaluate current oracy provision in your school through observation and analysis, then use these findings to develop a whole-school action plan.
  • Undertake an Impact Project to identify and develop best practice in your classroom and beyond.
  • Lead in-house oracy CPD and staff development to embed oracy across your whole school.
  • Join a wider network of educational leaders working at the forefront of a movement to raise the status of oracy in schools across the UK

This Programme is for you if: 

  • You are passionate about oracy and the difference it could make to pupils across your school.
  • You have already embedded oracy in your own classroom. Now you’re ready to lead this innovative pedagogy across your whole school.
  • Your school has identified oracy as priorityand will support you to lead at a whole-school level.
  • You are an ambassador for oracy, ready to influence the national education debate.

Our year long Oracy Leaders Programme supports participants to become specialists in oracy, equipped with the knowledge and skills to lead this innovative pedagogy across their school.


Applications for our National Oracy Leaders Programme 2019 – 2020 have now opened! 

If selected as a participant on the Oracy Leaders Programme, you will critically engage with the research surrounding oracy, developing an understanding of what this looks like in practice in order to strengthen your own and others’ classroom practice. You will also explore what it means to value oracy across a whole-school, becoming familiar with theories of whole-school change to ensure you are able to make a sustained and long-lasting impact.

For More Information:

Visit the official webpage of Oracy Leaders Programme

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