Call for Applications

ProPublica Summer Data Institute 2016 (10-day intensive workshop) for Journalists.

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 Application Deadline: March 31st 2016
ProPublica is proud to announce its first-ever Summer Data Institute, a 10-day intensive workshop on how to use data, design and code for journalism. The workshop will be from June 1st-15th in the ProPublica NYC offices.

Eligibility Requirements:

If you’re a journalism student or journalist currently residing in the United States, and passionate about learning how to use data, design and code to help tell stories, this workshop is for you.

What You’ll Learn

Over 10 days, we’ll cover the basics of brainstorming, reporting, designing and building interactive graphics and data-driven news applications. By the end of the course you should be able to:

Data Journalism

  • Conduct data research and evaluate the reliability of your data.
  • Clean data and analyze data sets for interesting trends and outliers.
  • Bulletproof data against common pitfalls and inconsistencies.
  • Perform the most commonly used statistical techniques in journalism.


  • Sketch and prototype multiple designs for a single project and evaluate the best approach.
  • Learn how to use color, typography and layout.
  • Understand how to test designs with real-world users and to incorporate feedback.
  • Create clear and clean visualizations to help readers understand complex information.


  • Understand basic programming concepts.
  • Create your own website from scratch, using HTML/CSS and Javascript.
  • Scrape a website, using either Ruby or Python.
  • Know how to continue learning on your own.


  • The Summer Data Institute is completely free to attend. ProPublica will provide lodging and cover roundtrip travel costs to New York City, as well as local travel costs to and from our offices.
  • Additionally, ProPublica is offering a limited number of need-based stipends to help those who may otherwise not be able to attend. Requests for stipends are part of the application.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the ProPublica Summer Data Institute 2016

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