EIT Food RIS Fellowships Project

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Application Deadline- April 30th 24.59 pm (CEST)

30 students and graduates with different educational backgrounds from RIS countries will discover job opportunities in the food industry, by getting unique, professional, paid 3-months internships within the framework of RIS Fellowships project. Unlike other scholarship projects, the students and graduates will reveal their talents in agri-food sector, throughout gaining hands-on experiences and strengthening their job-related skills, including analytical thinking and creative problem solving.

During multi-step recruitment process, candidates will not only learn how to professionally prepare outstanding LinkedIn profile but also will actively participate in unique networking and case study solving workshops led by EIT Hubs. Best selected 30 talents will get internships in different areas of operations in EIT Food consortium companies or RisingFoodStars companies. Interns will take learning-by-doing activities by solving real problematic situations that the companies in food industry are facing. All interns will be provided with a scholarship of 1000 EUR gross monthly.


RIS Fellowships project is looking for talents from higher education who will become future food sectors’ employees or will set up their own businesses. Young passionate people upon the return to their homes RIS countries, will spur a wave of entrepreneurial innovations and support the development of the local agri-food ecosystem.

Best candidate for the RIS Fellowships project should:

  • be a student or graduate of Msc, who is keen on discovering job opportunities in the food industry;
  • be interested in challenges in agri-food sector in the entire value chain;
  • be a person who is looking for taking up learning-by doing activities and developing job related-skills;
  • have proactive attitude and be passionate about student extra activities;
  • be eager to gain new experience, willing to learn and self-motivated;
  • be aware of his/her strengths and knows how to present them;
  • have analytical skills, be open-minded, goal-oriented and team player;
  • be ready to work in an international environment and speaks English very well;
  • could have a lack of work experience but has an entrepreneurial approach;
  • be also interested in innovativeness and entrepreneurship and would like to share his/her interests with the local environment.

Interns selection criteria

All candidates will be evaluated taking into account the following criteria, related to the applicant attitude, skills, competences and features:

Formal criteria

• Candidate studies in RIS countries or comes from eligible RIS countries (listed in point 3.1.),

• Candidate is a student (min. completed the second year of study) or graduated of Msc. (up to 2 years after graduation) in a relevant field listed in point 3.5. under the point 2),

• Candidate is able to work in the English language (min. C1 in CEFR level of English is required),

• Candidate has a LinkedIn profile in English,

• Candidate joined 1 of 13 RIS Fellowships group via LinkedIn,

• Candidate is available in the period from August until November 2018,

• Candidate is willing to work in agri-food sector,

• Candidate is having health insurance required for cross-country mobility.

Relevant educational background

Candidate study in or graduate in:

• Marketing area, project management, data analysis, market research, sales or similar,

• Biology, chemical engineering, food science, food technology, process engineering, pharmaceutical technology or similar.

Expected skills and competences

• Analytical thinking,

• Creativity in problem solving,

• Active and transparent communication,

• Good knowledge Microsoft Office.

Great potential for development

• Proactive attitude,

• Motivation to take up learning-by-doing activities,

• Entrepreneurial approach to problem solving,

• Natural curiosity to learn,

• Challenge themselves and existing process,

• Awards received in student competitions 2016-2018,

• Participation in student associations,

• Experience as entrepreneurs (confirmed by references will be an asset).

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