STANFORD Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economics SEED INTERNSHIPS 2016

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Application Deadline: Feb 5, 2016

SEED Internship Application – Summer 2016

If you are a degree-seeking, full-time graduate student, undergraduate student, or graduating senior at Stanford University, you are eligible to apply for a Stanford Seed internship.

Internships are arranged by Seed staff who will match the needs of host companies in Africa with the skill sets of applicants. Project scope is tailored to the duration of internships, typically 8 or more weeks.

In addition to gaining work experience in a developing economy, your stay in Africa will enrich your life and promote deeper understanding of business within the context of poverty alleviation.

Your Benefits

Interns receive a stipend, airfare and housing.

Your Responsibilities

In addition to all work assigned as part of the internship, you will complete internship reports as requested and agreed upon with Seed staff.

Be aware that preparations for international internships are time-consuming. Allow sufficient time to complete the following pre-departure requirements:

  • Attend mandatory international preparation workshop.
  • Complete pre-departure forms and obtain valid travel documents such as passport and visa.
  • Obtain required immunizations and documentation thereof.
  • As a finalist, interview with Seed staff and Seed volunteers as part of the application process and—after selection—to coordinate all logistic and programmatic details of your internship.

Selection Criteria

In evaluating your application, we pay particular attention to:

  • Your record of academic and employment accomplishments.
  • Your demonstrated ability to work both collaboratively and independently in a cross-cultural context.
  • Your interest in gaining work experience in a developing economy.
  • Your skill set with regard to the needs of potential host companies in Africa.

Finalists will be interviewed. Internship begins no later than July, 2016.

Application Information

Apply now for Seed Student Internships (Deadline to submit your application is Feb 5, 2016)

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the  Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economics SEED INTERNSHIPS 2016


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