Swedish Institute Smart Energy Challenge 2017 – Stockholm, Sweden

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Application Deadline: August 22, 2017.

Global challenges require joint efforts, beyond borders. With a grim projection for the global energy demand to rise by 40% in 2030, mankind needs to stand together to fight climate change and restore our natural world to a healthy state. During this challenging time, countries are stepping up to show their courage and strength by committing themselves to firm environmental goals. It is vital that we act now and encourage individuals to behave and live more sustainably by conserving energy before it is too late.

The Smart Energy Challenge 2017 dares you to think of alternatives for how to influence others to live more sustainably by reducing energy use. In particular, this competition focuses on sustainable energy that tackles 3 of the 17 United Nations goals: Goal 13: reducing climate change, Goal 12: ensuring sustainable consumption patterns, and Goal 7: establishing reliable energy sources. By implementing new technologies, organizing activities, and creating campaigns to increase awareness of the benefits of using energy more efficiently, we can come together to take responsibility and make powerful changes. How will you contribute to the bigger picture to helping planet Earth?

The Case question

SI invite everyone who wants to make an impact on society to take this challenge and give us your best idea or solution to the following question:

How can we nudge people towards energy efficiency in a fun way?

The challenge is to come up with innovative and creative ideas for reducing energy use. Your idea could be anything that helps individuals create a more sustainable lifestyle within one of the following areas: households, food, travel, or transportation.

Unleash your imagination and submit your idea by August 22, 2017.


Competition opens – May 10

Submission deadline – August 22

Winners announced – September

Winner announcement

Winners both from the SI Network for Future Global Leaders and the SI Alumni Network will be selected as winners. The winners will be announced in September and receive a personal invitation to a two-day event to engage in seminars and networking events in Stockholm held in November 2017.

Each winner will be contacted in September directly by phone by the competition organizer, Sqore.

Participants whose idea is not selected will be contacted via email.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Swedish Institute Smart Energy Challenge 2017

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