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The Good Help Award 2018

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Application Deadline – 18th May 2018

Whether people want to improve their health, find work, or get the most out of education, ‘good help’ involves understanding what matters to each person and supporting them to build the confidence they need to take action.

‘Good help’ is core to many organisations trying to help people take action and improve their lives.  Yet despite decades of research and good practice, ‘good help’ remains absent from many mainstream services and social programmes.  Too many people receive ‘bad help’.

‘Bad help’ can have acute and obvious consequences, such as homelessness or addiction, but also chronic and subtle effects which make activities, such as parenting and healthy eating, much harder, and sometimes impossible.

The Good Help Award is one way that we hope to find out more about ‘good help’ and how it helps people take action.  We want to find out who is providing ‘good help’ and to celebrate and share the vital work they are doing.

The Good Help Award will reward an organisation or team that demonstrates they are helping people transform their lives  by helping them develop their sense of purpose and confidence to take action.

There are three awards available – one £15,000 winner, and two £5,000 runners up. The winners of these awards will be asked to spend the money on activities that support their ‘good help’ work.


The award is open to anyone offering  ‘GOOD HELP’ through an established project, programme or service.


Winner- £15,000

Two Runners Up – £5,000 each

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of The Good Help Award 2018

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