The Royal Society Short Industry Fellowship

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Application Deadline- 3pm on Thursday 1 November 2018
The Royal Society has expanded its industry fellowship programme this year, to include Short Industry
Fellowships of 3-6 months. This scheme will enable scientists employed in industry or academia and/or their postdoctoral researcher to have shorter, more dynamic engagements between academia and industry,
working on a mutually beneficial and collaborative project.
Collaborations between academia and early-stage companies are particularly encouraged. It is anticipated
that the personal and corporate links established by the fellow between the two sectors in the UK will seed longer-term collaborations and contribute to their long-term future development.
These appointments are funded by the Royal Society.
Applicants can be of any nationality and should be at a stage in their career when they would particularly benefit from establishing or strengthening personal and corporate links between the two sectors.
Applicants must also hold:
  • a PhD or be of equivalent standing in their profession
  • a permanent post in either a UK university, a not-for-profit research organisation* or UK industry.
The fellowship provides opportunities for an academic scientist to work on a collaborative project with
industry, or a scientist employed in industry to work on a collaborative project with a university department or not-for- profit research organisation. The applicant can if justified request their postdoc
toral researcher/PDRA to work on the collaborative project at the partner organisation. Applicants in this instance must ensure their nominated PDRA has sufficient tenure in their post to cover the duration of the fellowship.

The applicant will be expected to lead the collaborative project and clearly outline both their and the PDRA’s contribution to the project as well as the mutual benefit to the PDRA and partner organisation. In addition, supporting statements from both the employer and partner organisations should explicitly state that they agree to the PDRA working in the partner organisation during the tenure of the Short Industry Fellowship.
Applicants are limited to one resubmission, and it should be within one year of the original submission. Subsequent resubmissions will not be eligible. Applicants cannot have concurrent applications detailing similar projects submitted to both The Royal Society Industry Fellowship and The Royal Society Short Industry Fellowship rounds at the same time.
Please note that applications from former Royal Society Industry Fellows may be considered by the panel
on a case-by-case basis. Applicants in such instances would be expected to propose working with a new
collaborative partner to that in their previous Industry Fellowship, alongside a strong case for support.
Please contact the Grants Team on any queries regarding eligibility.
Applicants should not be a representative on the board of the Industrial Partner, whether the Industrial Partner is the Current Employer or the Partner Organisation.
If you have any enquiries about the submission of your application or about the Flexi-Grant® process,
please contact the Grants Team. Before contacting us please check whether your question is answered by
these scheme notes. If not, please email: innovationgrants@royalsociety.org or call 020 7451 2596.

What is the scheme’s value and tenure?

The scheme provides the applicant’s and/or their postdoctoral researcher’s basic salary while on secondment. The employing organisation continues to pay national insurance and pension contributions.

Research expenses may be claimed up to a value of £1,000.

Awards can be for a minimum of three months or up to six months full-time or pro rata, i.e. could be held at 50% part-time for up to 12 months enabling fellows to maintain links with their employing institution more easily.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the The Royal Society Short Industry Fellowship


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