Call for Applications

UK Aid Match: Grants to UK-based NGOs for Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries

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Application Deadline:  29 February 2016

The objective of UK Aid Match is to give the public a say in how a portion of the international development budget is spent. The scheme match-funds public donations to charity appeals for projects to reduce poverty in developing countries.

Eligibility requirements

Any UK based not-for-profit organisation that works to reduce poverty in developing countries and is planning to run a public appeal to raise at least £100,000 can apply. To be successful, applicants will need to demonstrate that

  • they are able to deliver poverty reduction projects which achieve development results representing good value for money
  • their appeal communications will provide at least 400,000 opportunities to view

Value and duration of the UK Aid Match scheme


  • UK Aid Match will seek to award up to £120 million in grants over 3 years from 2013 to 2016. There will be 2 funding rounds each year, with up to £20 million committed in each funding round, providing DFID receives applications of sufficient quality. Any uncommitted funding will be rolled forward to future funding rounds.
  • At least £1 million per funding round will be reserved to match fund appeals run by small organisations (defined as organisations with an annual income of less than £1 million, averaged over the last 3 years). UK Aid Match will support projects of up to 3 years’ duration.

How to apply

There is a 2 stage application process to apply for the scheme:

  • applicants submit a concept note
  • applicants successful at the concept note stage will be invited to submit a full application

The full application and assessment process is expected to take 18 weeks. The Timetable for UK Aid Match Funding Rounds in 2015/16 is set out in this table.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the UK Aid Match Scheme


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