UNAOC Europe and North America (EUNA) Fellowship Program 2016 (Fully Funded)

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Application Deadline: Sunday June 26th 2016 at 11:59PM GMT

Candidates from Europe and North America (EUNA) and from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) can now apply until Sunday June 26th 2016 to participate in the 2016 edition of the UNAOC Fellowship Program.

The main objective of the Fellowship Program is to challenge cultural stereotypes and develop cross-cultural partnerships between peoples from different faiths and cultures. During two weeks, the EUNA cohort and the MENA cohort will visit each other’s region and interact with a wide range of local actors and partners. In 2016, the Fellowship Program will also focus on Education as a tool to prevent of radicalization and xenophobia.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, applicants must be:

  • From the U.S., Canada, or a European country
  • Born between January 1st 1978 and December 31st 1991
  • Fluent in English
  • Be directly involved, at a professional and/or personal level in the field of Education through their work in politics, civil society, media, religious associations, community initiatives, official institutions, academia, think-tanks, arts, and any other fields relevant to the Fellowship Program’s objectives.
  • In possession of a passport valid at least 6 months beyond October 2016 (April 2017 and beyond)
  • Available to travel for a period of 18 days in October or November 2016 as scheduled by UNAOC. Final dates will be confirmed 4 weeks before departure.
  • Must not have participated in any of UNAOC programs before.

If you meet all of the above-mentioned criteria, your application will then be evaluated as explained in the next section.

Evaluation and Selection 

Candidates meeting all the eligibility criteria will have their application reviewed by a jury composed of UNAOC staff, experts and professionals in the field of Education, and other relevant partners.

The jury will be looking for candidates with strong interest in learning more about MENA countries and their cultures, while having little exposure to the region prior the trip. To be selected, participants should also have concrete ideas on how to engage with peers and partners from MENA countries.

The jury will also be assessing professional accomplishment and personal involvement in the field of Education, and will look for applicants with potential of shaping opinion and taking strong initiatives within their community.

The jury will also make sure that the final selection is:

  • Gender balanced
  • Region balanced with one participant from North America for two participants from Europe
  • Limited to two participants per European country and to three participants per North American country
  • Professionally balanced with no more than a third of participants working in the same sector or industry.

To preserve the above-mentioned balance and to ensure the quality and diversity of participants, the selection jury will select the next highest scoring candidate to replace the lowest scoring redundant candidate.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the UNAOC Europe and North America (EUNA) Fellowship Program 2016

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