UNICEF Gender Mainstreaming Internship 2016 (Panama, LACRO)

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Application Deadline: 13 Jun 2016 S.A. Pacific Standard Time

The purpose of these Terms of Reference is to offer a practical learning experience for a graduate student in cross-sectoral gender mainstreaming and provide direct support to the Gender Section in the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACRO) on core activities towards scaling up implementation of the UNICEF Gender Action Plan 2014-2017.


Provide a practical learning opportunity for a graduate student on gender mainstreaming through support to LACRO Gender Section and Country Office gender focal points.

Principal Tasks and Products

The intern will be responsible for one or more of the following tasks, depending on the duration of the internship, linguistic skills, interest and current area of study/experience:

  • User-friendly, digital annotated bibliography of key sectoral gender tools and documents;
  • Develop ToR and identify potential participants for a UNICEF Gender Equality Advisory Group;
  • Mapping of key communications channels for gender equality;
  • Review and develop materials in collaboration with Health, Education and/or Child Protection Sections;
  • Develop and launch content for LACRO Gender website, and/or
  • Support Gender Section in other activities, time permitting and as needed.

Place of Work

The intern will be required to work on-site in the LAC Regional Office (Panama City, Panama) and establish periodic communications/virtual meetings with country offices and regional colleagues.


Required Qualifications

At the time I would like to start my internship with UNICEF,

  • I will be enrolled in a graduate programme in one of the following fields: Gender and Development, Political Science, International Relations, Public Health or Sociology/Social Work.
  • I have excellent academic performance and can demonstrate it by my recent university or other academic institution records.
    • I can work in either in Spanish or English, with good knowledge of the other.  French and/or Portuguese skills will be considered an asset.
    • Excellent synthesis, analytic and communication skills.

Internship duration

The duration of the internship will be no less than 3 months and no more than 6 months


The intern will work under the direct supervision of the Regional Gender Advisor.

Payment and Insurance

Internships are normally unpaid. Interns need to be able to fund themselves for their travel to the duty station, their accommodation and living expenses at the duty station during the internship. Where appropriate, interns may be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred during official travel authorized by UNICEF.

Post Internship Employment

There is no expectancy of employment at the end of the internship assignment. Interns are eligible to apply for regular posts within UNICEF.

Interns are considered external candidates when applying for regular posts within UNICEF.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the UNICEF Gender Mainstreaming Internship 2016

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