UWS Nepal Teaching Fellowship Program 2017

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Application Deadline: June 20th 2017

UWS Nepal Fellowship Program aims to improve the quality of teaching in the UWS Nepal Schools, whilst providing an opportunity for young Nepal leaders to gain valuable experience and make a real impact on the lives of remote and marginalised communities. The Fellowship’s principal aim is to provide quality education to poor and marginalised children in Nepal.


The program aims to achieve the following broader objectives:

  • To enhance the quality of education delivered in rural Nepal through modern teaching methodology
  • To create a meaningful connection between students, teachers, parents and community leaders, understanding each others’ problems through cooperation and collaboration
  • To produce leaders who can make a life-long commitment to addressing educational inequality, by teaching in poor and marginalised communities for at least two years
  • To improve the learning environment and life skills of rural children
  • To work towards removing socioeconomic barriers in remote communities


  • The UWS Nepal Teaching Fellowship is a full-time program and Fellows will be paid a stipend of NRs. 18,000 per month. The Fellows will receive additional housing support.

Recruitment & Selection

In order to be considered for admission to UWS Teaching Fellowship 2017, you must satisfy three prerequisites: a minimum intermediate’s Degree (however a Bachelor’s Degree is preferred); a minimum cumulative GPA; citizenship (you must be a national/legal resident of Nepal).

After submitting a completed application form along with the supporting documents, shortlisted applicants will be invited to go through a series of interviews, from which ten Fellows will be selected to begin the UWS Nepal Fellowship.

The Nepal Fellowship Application Form can be found here.

Selection Process of Fellows

Phase I

The applicants who submitted the form online will be screened on the basis of their eligibility and answers on the form. Selected applicants will progress to the second phase.

Read the full eligibility requirements here. 

Phase II

The selected applicants are will complete a written test and oral interviews, where they will be judged for their communication skills and leadership potential. Selected candidates will move onto the 3rd phase.

Phase III

The final round will involve conducting a teaching session for the interview panel. Candidates will be given 20 minutes to demonstrate their teaching skills.

Ten deserving Fellows will be selected from this process.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the UWS Nepal Teaching Fellowship Program 2017

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