Call for Applications

Visegrad Academy of Cultural Management (VACuM) for Visegrad Group countries (V4) Cultural Field Professionals

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Application Deadline: 15 June 2017

The Visegrad Academy of Cultural Management (VACuM) is a year training programme for young professionals working in cultural field in the Visegrad Group countries (V4) ie. Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Eastern Partnership countries (EaP): Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Its main aims are:

  • development of skills and competences in the field of cultural and community policies and management
  • strengthening democratic transformation and community development
  • supporting integration and cooperation between EaP and EU.

VACuM is not an academic course but a tailor-made training for young but already experienced professionals open for cultural cooperation projects. The course is designed in a way which allows its participants carrying on their professional tasks, developing their professional competencies and building new cooperation networks in EU and EaP countries.

20 cultural professionals from 10 countries will be selected to participate in VACuM training. The course will enable them to develop capacities and managerial skills needed for both cultural cooperation and reform processes in their countries.


The programme is designed for cultural managers from public and private organizations and institutions. Participants should have basic knowledge about European, national and regional cultural policies and min. two years’ experience in management of cultural or artistic projects addressed to local or international communities.

The selection of participants will be done by an international panel of experts. It will be based on evaluation of applications (submitted on-line) and include analysis of candidates qualifications and professional experiences, as well as the quality of the submitted project.

The training is conducted only in English therefore applicants must have a fluent command of this language.


6-13 September 2017: First residential session in Slovakia (Bratislava)

September 2017 – March 2018 – practical phase in home countries (work on the project, study visit)

17-24 March 2018: Second residential session in Ukraine (Lviv)

March – May 2018 – practical phase in home countries (work on the project, study visit)

27-30 May 2018: Evaluation session and Diploma Seminar in Poland (Kraków)

Please note that all participants have to complete the two residential training sessions as well as the Diploma Seminar, without exception.


The course includes: 2 Training Sessions – one in Slovakia and one in Ukraine (each 8 days long, including travels), development of a project in home country and a study visit in V4 or EaP countries (organized and covered by participants) and 1 Diploma Seminar (4 days) in Poland.

It aims to achieve:

  • improvement of knowledge about European, national and regional cultural policies and practice
  • development of professional capacities and managerial skills
  • preparing participants to play active roles in reform processes and use innovative and efficient practices in local development
  • extension of European cultural exchange networks

The training consists of theoretical contributions and practical inputs of experts and practitioners and includes:

  • Intervention of lecturers who not only lecture on their topic but also debate with the participants;
  • Workshops in small groups and interacting on participants’ respective experiences and projects as well as on various topics tackled. The training format in these workshops is based on a “peer to peer” methodology;
  • Creative sector and cultural projects case studies organized in the cities where the training will take place.

Other obligatory components of the course are: implementation of the project submitted at the application stage and study visit organized by each participant. (Please note that Organizers will not cover costs connected to this phase).

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Visegrad Academy of Cultural Management (VACuM)

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