Zepter International 13th ARTZEPT Design Competition 2016

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Zepter International is pleased to announce the 13th ARTZEPT design competition 2016 entitled:


1st Prize €10,000
There are many kinds of treasures – material and non-material – which, for most of us, hold an immense, immeasurable value.

Material riches such as jewellery, money, bonds, gold or gems are usually kept in banks and well-secured vaults, but those of far greater value – our memories, recollections and impressions – we try to safeguard not from thieves, but from a more ominous and cunning predator – oblivion.

A way to protect these reminders of beautiful, precious, but occasionally heart-rending moments in our lives are photographs, paintings, and portraits of loved ones. To emphasise their personal value, we put them in frames.

Picture frames are much older than we think. In fact, they have existed for much longer than photography. Did you know that the first picture frames date back to ancient Egypt?

The earliest frames were framing borders used for dividing scenes in ancient Egyptian and Greek wall paintings. However, one of the oldest frames as we know them today dates from the 2nd century AD – a Fayum mummy portrait, discovered in an Egyptian tomb still within its decorative wooden frame. Throughout history, from Antiquity through to the Renaissance and Baroque periods, from Classicism to Modernism, frames have changed in both style and function.

So, what do we expect from our artists and designers, participants in the contest?

First of all, we expect new, creative ideas for the design and shape of frames for paintings, photographs and mirrors to enclose our cherished memories, fragments of life, lasting impressions, imageries of scenes, and even reflections of ourselves captured in the mirrors of our daily lives…

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